Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Invasion of Chinese Buffets

About a year and half ago, Garlic Brothers restaurant closed and a Chinese buffet ("Tracy Buffet") opened in its place behind Food4Less (now FoodMaxx). This was a welcome addition to the eating scenery in Tracy. The Hometown Buffet was getting worse and worse every year and a little competition was in order.

Since then, two new Chinese buffets have opened and another is under contruction. The original Tracy Buffet appears to experience a squeeze. They gradually laid off additional waitresses and scaled down to original Chinese staff. When one of the newcomers offered a faux Mongolean BBQ, Tracy Buffet owners responded in kind, of which I did not approve. I prefer to travel to the real Mongolean BBQ to Sacramento. Also, this took some of the counter space.

But despite the setbacks, Tracy Buffet is still the leader. It might be not as glitzy as the upstart across the Tracy Blvd, but it's cheaper. It is not as cheap as the buffet behind the Blockbuster at 11th St, but it has sushi. I think it strikes a good balance for suburbia. I hope the yet unbuilt buffet in the Wal Mart zone does not deal the death blow to the brave pioneer of decent Chinese buffet in Tracy.


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