Wednesday, June 15, 2005

At Yoshi's tonight

My favourite J-food joint is Yoshi's at corner of Tracy Blvd and Grant Line Rd (in the same plaza as Ace Hardware and Curves). It is a sushi house nominally, but I order tonkatsu and katsu don from them, always. I am not big on sushi. Yoshi's is a lower profile place than Blue Fin, it's really nice and quiet, and tonkatsu is always excellent.

Tonight was great, starting with the following dialogue:

YOSHI & HUSBAND (bowing): Irashaimashtaaaaa!
ZAITCEV (brightly): Konbannwa!
YOSHI & HUSBAND: Konbannwa!
(Yoshi reaches for menus and hands them over)
YOSHI: Futari?

That's where I blew the game. I could have held out maybe a round or two more by answering "Hai", but I blinked. Yoshi saw through me and switched to English. ざんえんですねえー。This is the first time I said anything outside a class setting though. Am I great or what?


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