Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Invasion of Chinese Buffets, Part 3

The newest buffet is the one across the Tracy Blvd from Food Maxx, and thus the Tracy Buffet. It is the biggest and the spiffiest one, which opened with an imitation Mongolean BBQ. It received an enormously glowing review from the Delta College paper "Impact", of all places, but my love with it was not destined to blossom.

For starters, they do not supply chopsticks by default. I used to find them in their sushi section for a while, but not anymore. I do not care for pseudo-Italian section, that is to say, generic pizza and sausage. Pork is hard to find, vonton soup is also discontinued. Simply speaking, my taste in food does not match their selection, so I am reduced to eating white rice with a fork. But other buffets supply that for smaller price. To top that, I had a dispute with them once when I came during the lunch pricing and exited during the dinner pricing. So, lots of decor, not a lot to eat. Mind, the quoted 6.75 price is taken at the exit, where you tip. Tracy Buffet takes the same price at the entrance, where you do not tip (I still leave a few bucks there, but it's purely voluntary).

To give them their due, they are the only ones who supply authentic Chinese desserts: the variety of dough balls, seasme seed balls, and others. This is really high class, which justifies their prices somewhat. So it's interesting to go there maybe once in three months.


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