Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The so-called Japanese Fast Food

I went to a very pecquiliar establishement at the corner of Tracy and 11th. It bills itself as "The Japanese Fast Food" joint. It is run by a young Vietnamese couple. The staple dish is a styrofoam container with steamed rice, vegetables (carrots and broccolli), and one or two sides of meat (chicken, pork, and/or beef). The meat is sliced. If you feel fancy, you add egg rolls made on-site. The food does not look Japanese to me at all, but you cannot argue with the price. It's practically a dinner sized serving for a price of a burger. It really is amazing.

This time, they were out of pork for some reason. Tough times. But on the other hand, they started to give chopsticks. Ain't it nice or what?


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