Friday, July 01, 2005

Invasion of Other Buffets

Yesterday the Golden Corral opened near Staples, at Grant Line right off the 205.

It is a direct competitor to Hometown Buffet and it started very strong. The selection is much better. They have very good pot roast, while Hometown Buffet pretty much turned into "all chicken all the time (and not cooked too well either)". We stopped visiting that place about 18 months ago, when the Invasion of Chinese Buffets provided a viable alternative.

I do not wish to make predictions, because all new places experience a subsequent dropoff in quality while they explore ways to cut costs. It appears that the Golden Corral is way bigger than Tracy market can carry. They also have enormous numbers of employees swarming all over the place. In fact, more employees than customers. This is just asking for layoffs. So we shall see. Good luck to them.

By the way, I think I went to a Golden Corral in Virginia. It was quite decent.


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