Saturday, August 13, 2005

Beef tongue and FoodMaxx

Americans do not like the beef tongue as a rule, and so it's not being sold in big chain stores such as Safeway. Fortunately, our FoodMaxx caters to Mexicans and so they have it. It is really yummy, and is easy to cook. Basically, throw it into the water and boil (well, in reality it's not quite as simple... google for recipies). Hurray for diversity.

Speaking of FoodMaxx, I am disappointed. The old FoodMaxx in Fremont used to accept credit cards, which is what made it prefereable to Food4Less. So, there was a glimmer of hope when Safe&Final bought both chains and then unified them as FoodMaxx. Unfortunately, it was in the name only. Sure, they dropped FoodMaxx's black-and-yellow color scheme and replaced it with ugly blue and a little yellow (are they trying to remind about Ukraine or IKEA?). But nothing else changed, and FoodMaxx in Tracy does not accept credit cards, just as before.


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