Sunday, August 28, 2005

Car rentals in Tracy

The AVIS place in the Right Aid plaza (at Corall Hollow and Grant Line) always was the price leader for car rentals, but they closed a couple of years ago. Our local Hertz in downtown is always a disappointment; also they migrated to GM vehicles but kept Ford prices. And GM lineup was always trash until the arrival of Vibe (not sure if our Hertz has it though). When they darted ship, Morri Ford booted the other Hertz, and in its place they invited Enterprise. So, Enterprise has three locations now: the old Enterprise, Morri, and some random place.

The pricture was rather bleak, but we have Toyota now. They are quite quirky in one way: they never pick up the phone. I'm not kidding. One must leave them a message and then wait for a call (which may not happen, or may happen in a few hours). Getting there in person is a much better way to engage their attention. Once that hurdle is cleared, they are pleasant and reasonable people, offering good prices for great vehicles. I rented a Scion xB from them for a week for about 200 bucks. It was a 1400 miles price. Yes, their pricing structure involves mileage limits.


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