Saturday, August 06, 2005

Donuts in Tracy, CA

Back in 2000, we used to have 4 donut shops, none of which were run by actual Cambodians. They were: Mark's Yogurt & Dounts near the Safeway (now Smart&Final), Tracy Donuts behind the 76 station in the Radio Shack's plaza, the place near old Mix, and the one behind the Blockbuster at 11th. They also were quite different. The Mark's place was clean, cheerful, and expensive. They rolled into ice-cream mode as the day started. The "Mix" supplied nice and unique Mexican bakery for those who wanted something else. The behind-Blockbuster place was the only one which baked French Cruller. Only Tracy Donuts was a rather bland, unimpressive establishement.

None of these four places were up to the standard of the donut shop in Fremont's Irvington District, in the Safeway plaza. It was run by Cambodians, used finest flour, and was squeaky clean.

I had an opportunity to revisit these places now, and in 2005 there were some changes. The "Mix" shop closed and reopened as a taqueria, which was a shame. But the Tracy Donuts apparently had a change in ownership. It is run by Cambodeans now. Naturally, the taste of donuts improved dramatically. The French is on the menu. They seem to be a little weak on the custard filled items for some reason, but that's about the only thing to complain about. Way to go. I hope it stays this way for a few years.


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