Thursday, September 22, 2005

Floods in Tracy, California

Tracy Today talked about flood and levees in the county today. Regarding that, it may be instructive to look at Tracy at the Most of the town is between 10 and 20 meter horizontals, which run approximately West-East, with the ground raising slowly towards the south. The Civic Center is at 48ft, or 16m. Unfortunately, my house is even below 10. Not good.

I consider two souces of flooding: a levee break in the delta and a breakout in a canal. The Lower and Upper Main are very small dikes with stopping devices. They do not look too dangerous. But the Delta Mendota break would suck a lot. A break in the delta would be bad as well, but not as bad, depending on the elevation of it. If it happens below 8m, I'm golden.

Time to look for a flood insurance.


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