Saturday, September 17, 2005

Gas price math

A "Tenchi Muyo (Signature Series)" DVD costs $17.98 at all reputable online outlets: Amazon, RightStuff, AnimeNation. The same DVD costs $14.99 at Fry's. The nearest Fry's is in Fremont. Driving 42 miles to Fremont and 42 miles back, my car would burn 2.4 gallons of petrol, to the cost of $7.00 (almost exactly). So, if I order from Amazon and get free shipping, it actually comes cheaper than driving to Fry's, which I was contemplating for tomorrow.

So I suppose it would be a good idea to create a set of rule of thumb entries for a "cost vs. distance" table. For example, if an item costs $20 or less, it must be bought in Tracy. A $40 item warrants a trip to Livermore or Byron. For a $80 item, we go to the East Bay. And for $100 item, we visit San Francisco (across the toll bridge). The distances would be shorter for SUV drivers. The values are approximate of course, and in this case I exaggerate the cost of a visit to Bay Area, to account for being lazy...

If things go as they do, we will be shopping for groceries at, and it's going to be cheaper than visiting the store. Remember, a car burns way more gas while it's cold on a short trip, and even more when driving in city traffic.


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