Thursday, September 15, 2005


Our local paper Tracy Press posted an article about traffic increases across the Altamont pass. It's quite curious, because they claim it to be the 2nd most congested stretch of a freeway, after the I-80 where it approaches the Bay Bridge. But if you wonder What In The World Are They Smoking, the always factual reporters explain: "The MTC/Caltrans study uses the amount of time a car travels slower than 35 mph as the measure of delay." Well, duh. The car (and truck) travelling at 35 up the Altamont is different from a car parked in gridlock at I-80.

However, the traffic does grow. No argument here. And eventually the road will turn into I-80, if nothing else happens (like an extension to the Route 130).

One funny quoite:

Kern said it’s not just commuters who are clogging the freeway, but also a growing logistics industry that has more big rigs moving between the valley and the bay.


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