Friday, September 30, 2005

Sprinkler diaphragm

Just replaced a diaphragm in a sprinkler valve. The valve was leaking from under the jug top, at a pretty healthy rate, too. The old diaphragm looked pretty good, maybe deformed just a little bit in the bottom part. Well, at least it works now.

I am quite happy that Home carries diaphragms. I appreciate that they are cheaper ($5.68) than whole valve assemblies ($16.99), but more importantly, there is no easy way to replace the valve if it breaks. It's quite insane. These valves have female threaded connectors. So, installers do this. They screw short threaded pieces of thick pipe into those connectors, then glue the whole thing on the PVC pipe. Done! Now, the only way to replace the valve is to cut both pipes and redo the operation. Naturally, this shortens the pipes... Dunno what kind of evil genius came up with this idea.


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