Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Toilet fixin

What I find very strange is how the Fluidmaster valve kit is cheaper ($7.99) than ACE valve kit ($12.99) in ACE. Aren't generics supposed to be cheaper than brands? The Fluidmaster seems like a better design, too. It uses a float, but it's compact. Its cut-off is very positive. The only thing remaining to learn is how it stands the test of time.

BTW, I've read in a DYI book that a hydrostatic membrane valve is illegal now, by a building code in most states. This government really does not know when to stop. Not that I liked that design much, because it requires adjustment as it gets older, and thus you have to stick your hand into the toilet tank about every two months. But cheesh, prohibited by code? Please! That alone is enough to make a man a follower of Barry Goldwater or something.


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