Sunday, October 09, 2005


An article about Craigslist appeared in Sacramento Bee. Here's an excerpt:

For example, the Bee provides free ads for certain merchandise under $150 in value but, like all of the dailies listed above, continues to charge premium rates for employment and real-estate ads. A visit to, a Craigslist copycat site funded in part by newspaper chains such as Knight Ridder and The Washington Post Co., vividly illustrates what’s missing from the mainstream approach: The site is riddled with banner ads, and when you click on an item, pop-ups spring forth like Hare Krishnas at the airport.

In a word, Craigslist’s would-be competitors lack Craigness.

“That is a difference people see between Craigslist and virtually every other Internet operator of size, mainly the lack of all the moneymaking opportunities with which most large sites are festooned,” explains Craigslist CEO Buckmaster. “Whereas people notice our site is somehow miraculously free of all those things.”


Preach on, brother. Alas, the closest section of the Craigslist we get in Tracy is Stockton. Naturally, it's a very small section, with little life in it.


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