Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Mitsubishi parts

I called some parts from the Mitsubishi dealership in Modesto today (mental note - 209-524-3600). There is no closer one. Actually, Mitsubishi from Antioch or Brentwood sends me cupons sometimes, but that is too much out of the way. And Fremont is definitely too far.

They tried to start a dealership in Tracy back in 2004, but it collapsed very quickly. I am not surprised. The company is going through difficult times. The only hot product they sell is the mighty Evo. The new Galant is excellent, but it competes head to head with such all-conquering cars as Accord, and so it is a tough sell. I like the Montero, but generic American buyers thumb their noses at the V-6. They do not have a normal truck on American market (even though LS-300 is just an awesome truck, which I think could do well against Tacoma). So, dealerships have to struggle.

The Modesto dealership are not located in an auto hub, which may help a little. The buyers do not see the competition across the driveway.

Anyway, Noel in Modesto did not even take my credit card number. I forgot when I was treated as a human last time. Try to buy anything with a credit card without an ID these days. You can't.

Good thing I don't own a Subaru or Suzuki. That'd be a trip to the Bay Area for sure.


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