Monday, December 12, 2005

Bluefin Sushi

Since Yoshi's is closed on Mondays, I retreated to Bluefin Sushi today. It was nice and not crowded, well served. Where Yoshi's has a decorum of a traditional conveyor-belt sushi joint, Bluefin sports a smart and upscale interior, including semiprivate booths.

Their menu takes some adaptation. I looked for a tonkatsu for about 10 minutes, but could not figure it out. It only comes as a combination.

The katsudon was good, somewhat tilted towards the egg. The rice in Yoshi's katsudon is just a little more moist and soft, but it's nothing to complain about. California roll was good, too. Do these thing tend to grow or what? I remember how I ate roll sections in one go a few years ago. Shiromisu was generic, but a good brand (not the Safeway stuff!)

The core staff is Japanese, though since I am not a fixture of the place, I decided against embarrassing everyone with my pathetic Japanese.


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