Sunday, January 15, 2006

Dave Parker's

I just noticed that Dave Parker started the It appears to be essentially the same thing I am doing here, but with a bigger swing: Dave got a real domain instead of pathetic Blogspot. Running an operation of this nature is tough, unless you spend a lot of time gathering the info. For now Dave populates pages with linkage to our most excellent Tracy Press. It is an easy way out and I understand how tempting it is, but I try to link to them only when something catches my fancy, or for big-ticket journalism, such as the case of sheriff Dunn's bribery scandal.

I am sure Dave will work to find the firm footing for the site in coming weeks. For now the site does not even have permalinks on articles - they are cunningly hidden in a sidebar :-) I wish him all the best, and who knows, we may join forces some time in the future.

By the way, Dave gave thumbs up to the strange eatery adjunct to the Tracy Bowl. I visit it from time to time when I play DDR in the bowl's arcade, and I have to say, their food does look and smell good. But I only get drinks there. I called them "strange", because their menu defies classification. It seems like a mix of a burger joint, mexican place, and a chinese corner.


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