Tuesday, January 03, 2006


By a link from Instapundit: a homeschooling linkfest.

We homeschool, although we are not religious. The reason we had to do it was that public school taught anything and everything except academic excellency: teamwork, sensitivity, diversity, mult-culti, and all the good things. The trouble is, they only help to succeed in the political arena. Children are reared to dominate each other and bend them to their will (which was called "leadership"). Those who were not interested in these games are branded "losers" and put down. It's hardly surprising that U.S. has to import her scientists.

Homeschooling is an enormous ordeal and a great load on the parents. We weren't unduly harassed by the State, except for normal bureaucratic interference with H-4 affidavits. It simply was, and is, and enormous work. We would not do it if schools in California were up to any sort of standards, and we would not do it if we were wealthy enough to afford a private school.

If gigantic state bureaucracies continue to suck our money and give us no education, numbers of homeschoolers are bound to continue to grow.


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