Friday, January 13, 2006

Taxing the "rich"

Winds of Change posts an article on the proposal to tax "rich" more. It repeats all the truisms how basically "rich" pay for everything for everyone already, but also has interesing data on the red flight, with a reference on Franchise Tax Board's Annual Report for 2003:

The numbers of returns reporting incomes of $200,000 and above also declined between taxable year 2000 and 2002, as illustrated by the following table:

2000 = 414,746
2001 = 371,369
2002 = 349,845

Yikes! And that is happening while the overall population grows. Taxable people flee, and the greater the squeeze, the faster they run.

The 200K zone is right above my income area, and I live in a typical cardboard shack in Tracy, because it is all I can afford. I drive a 1997 American economy car. If I am "rich", I don't want to know how the members of "middle class" live.

I am seriously considering moving, actually. I work from my home, for a company headquartered in North Carolina, and my manager is in Boston. I can live anywhere. You just wait, as soon as kids stand on their feet, I'm outta here.


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