Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Localblogging is toast? Or is it?

The is not the only one who is having difficulties getting the concept of localblogging to work. We at Tracy Today know it only too well, in fact we had to stoop to politics! And guess what, we are in a good company.
by Mark Glaser

Gillmor even took the bold step of leaving the Mercury News and starting his own grassroots media startup funded by angel investors. The company’s first site, Bayosphere , was supposed to be “of, by and for the Bay Area,” with average citizens tasked with covering the minute details of life in the San Francisco area. But the site got sidetracked into technology coverage and national politics, and never had a feel for the local issues by the Bay.

So, even a huge community such as Bay Area cannot generate enough decent content. How can it be possible? And if it is just the way it is, shouldn't Dave and I throw the towel and return to photoblogging?

The key difference is, we are not making this for the money. That Google ad on the right only serves as a visit counter. So, the Tracy Today can continue as long as it is fun.


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