Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Lyons', transform!

The Lyons' at Tracy Blvd near the freeway has converted into an independent restaurant. It is called "American Diner" now. At least it looks not franchized, the design of the signage is very plain. Usually such places retain their character... At least this is what happened to two Hungry Hunters, in Fremont and Pleasanton, when they converted into something called "Jeriho Steakhouse" (now defunct). I am surprised the Lyons' survived as long as it did, surrounded by Chinese buffets and Denny's across the freeway. And someone has a lot of gut (or stupidity) to try it again at the same site, without a major ad campaign or anything...


Blogger Brian Barringer said...

Since Jan went to work over at the Banta Inn I refuse to eat there. She is the best waitress ever!!!!!!!!!!!

7:24 PM  

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