Friday, February 17, 2006

New duplexes - missed meeting

I live near the edge of my subdivision, and there's a pretty big gap, or plot of land, between it and the next subdivision. The gap is about 25m wide (about 80ft), but quite long. It stretches from Grant Line to Camelia. I suppose that the whole thing used to belong to a farmer; there is a house on the Grant Line side. Maybe the farmer sold everything except the plot, but then someone bought most of the rest. Because of the old house, the plot only has an outlet on Camelia.

Now that someone or other wants to build two appartment duplexes on the land. The project is called "Gomez Appartments".

And guess what, NIMBYA is in full swing. Looking at the people it seems as if Gomez wants to build a refinery. A lady was going door to door to collect signatures on a petition (to whom?) to stop the project. I should have talked to her and gotten all the details, but I was a little distracted, so missed that opportunity. Also, I heard an opinion that residents will go around and break car windows, presumably because decent people do not rent appartments.

The townhouses seem actually better than those in which I lived before I bought the house in Tracy, but I'll be first to admit that there will be no telling how it turns out before new residents move in. Mr. Gomez may collect some dubious renters. On the other hand, he may not. It's all in the rent he's willing to charge.

Yesterday there was supposed to be a neighbourhood meeting, but I had some schedule changes (picking up from BART) and was unable to attend. Really unfortunate.

Now I have to interview neighbours.


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