Friday, March 17, 2006

Google ads and Artificial Intelligence

I have Google ads at this page, which serve as a counter. This way there is not going to be a broken counter link as it happens with everyone else, right? Never mind that though... This is what I saw there today (copy-pasted; aren't text ads wonderful?):

Save money on PC-12
Get expert help on PC-12 purchase Make sure you get a superior plane.
TBM 700's for Sale - CAI
Your TBM 700 Specialists. We Buy & Sell TBM 700's. Free Newsletter.
Celebrity Blogging
Hollywood's Original Blogger Powered by Variety
Nagoya Hotel
Thousands Of Hotel Rooms Booked Daily. Find Your Hotel On ORBITZ!
Hokkaido Vacation
Visiting Hokkaido? Compare Hotel Prices & Reviews

It's quite amusing to see how Google struggles to keep up with the variety of topics. Not a single ad is actually useful for a broad subset of residents of Tracy, California. The computer cannot actually understand what the page is about. It can only match keywords.

The Celebrity Blogging thing happened because Brian mentioned MC Hammer's blog in comments.

The idea to save money on a PC-12 purchase is giving me a giggle, because the thing retails for $5.5 million. However, getting a Socata TBM-700 is sort of sneaky. Haven't we heard it before? Same qualities, but 3 times cheaper! Oh yes. How much is for a tiedown at Tracy Municipal again?

Japanese vacations though... That would be a great idea, although I do not want to go to Hokkaido. I am not a big fan of onsen. Hey, I have a hot tub in my backyard :-) And we have plenty of snow at Tahoe. Visiting Kyoto would be cool, but Google has no way to figure that out.


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