Tuesday, March 21, 2006

New blog in Tracy

Well, not really new, but anyway, here goes - The Ignatian Perspective (found at Brian's roll). Weird colors make lots of text unreadable, but this is fixable. He is also at Blogger, which raises some serious questions about the monoculture.

When Google acquired Blogger, they somehow lent the latter a lot of its clout. But in reality, Blogger is as problematic as it always was. It's unreliable, unscalable, insecure (blog hijacking is trivial). I knew about these problems, and my main blog is at LJ, which is miles and miles ahead of Blogger technically. However, I wanted to check if horrors I heard about Blogger were true.

Google services in general fall into two categories: core, which originate at Google Labs, and non-core, which are usually acquisitions, but not always. One of worst failures among the non-cores is Orkut. Orkut (the man) created Orkut (the website) while working at Google, but he did not wet his creation through the Google Lab process, so the architecture of it was not well thought out. He also bungled the implementation (it runs on Windows, and uses ASP frontend). The result is a website just as unreliable and unscalable as Blogger. Worse, it does not plug well into the main Google infrastructure.

Anyway, what now? The Tracy Today was conceived as a throwaway website, but I want to carry on with it for now. And since other bloggers in Tracy seem to be flocking to Blogger, I am going to think about migrating elsewhere. If I were a bit more serious about it, I would get a vanity domain and rented a server. But I am not, so it's going to be some other free-of-charge place.

[P.S. This is just rich: when I went to post this, Blogger reported a problem. "This server is currently experiencing a problem. An engineer has been notified and will investigate. Status code: 1-500-11."]


Blogger hardshoes said...

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Blogger ザイツェヴ said...

Well, if I were to allocate a budget, I could get a vanity domain and a rented server just as easily. But I am not as serious about this pursuit.

11:47 AM  

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