Monday, March 06, 2006

Sister city Memuro

Tracy has a sister city: Memuro of Kasai district, Tokachi subpr., Hokkaido prefecture, Japan. "Memuro" is spelled "芽室町" - the last character ("machi") means "town" as opposed to a "city". For a country where a 300,000-people population center is considered a town, Memuro is positively miniscule: only 18,000 residents!

For an inexplicable reason, Memuro's website is located at, whereas most Japanese towns are located in their geographical domains (just like Tracy). For example, Yokosuka's website is, in the domain of Kanagawa prefecture.

Since Hokkaido is a northerly island, Memuro is buried in snow at present.

Apparently, the sister city activities are, or used to be, led by an entity called "Tracy Sister City Association". According to available records, in good years the association received $5,000 per year or about that from the city government. This is very intriguing.


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