Sunday, March 26, 2006

Tanker fire on I-580 near the speedway

I was in a moderate jam on the 580 when returning from Fry's on Saturday (got Chobits v1-v3 and Stellvia v3), caused by rubberneckers. There was a lot of activity on the opposite side in the dip near speedway. Or, actually, near the Grant Line junction.

Today I learned from Tracy News @topix that a tanker was on fire, and it damaged the freeway, which had to be repaired. Obviously, the asphalt burns away if flaming gasoline is pouring at it.


Blogger Brian Barringer said...

hey, I saw that accident comming home from dinner with my brother-in-law. You could tell it was serious beacause of how backed up east bound traffic was. It took 2 hours to get from livermore to tracy. The crash was on the west bound side thats how bad it was.

11:44 AM  

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