Thursday, March 02, 2006

Turbo singles

This has a tenuous connection to Tracy, CA, except we have a nice airport which could use a few of these things as tenants. I just saw a nice triumphalism piece from Vern about Eclipse. Read it. In passing, it included this snippet:

There have been attempts to start air taxi operations, using the likes of Pilatus PC-12s and Cessna Caravans, but Raburn says passengers remain sceptical about travelling in turboprops.

So this is what those visiting PC-12s were which I saw from my backyard! Nice. Another thought that hit me is: what is wrong with people not liking props? Props are awesome. Of course, Caravan is not something you'd dream of riding, it's just so slow. But Pilatus is great. People fly them across the Pacific every day - on one engine. The reason for it is, the modern turboprop is just as reliable as a jet, that is, it cannot break unless you suck a bird in, but even then it's likely to bring you to a safe landing somewhere. Since the prop is in front, there's none of that horrible noice which happens when supersonic shockwave shedding off a blade tip hits the fuselage on a twin.


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