Friday, April 07, 2006

Toyota today

I took my RAV4 for its first service today to our local Tracy Toyota, just for fun. It took them one hour, 15 minutes for tire rotation and oil change, for the cost of $47.10. This reminds me how an oil change in AutoWest Fremont, in 1997, for Dodge Neon was $56. I was doing my oil changes myself ever since. Unfortunately, RAV4 requires a scanner to reset its "Maintenance Required" light. Gotta invest in that.

Toyota has new cars on display: Yarris and FJ Cruiser. FJ looks underwhelming, frankly. Visibility sucks just as everyone says. Basically, 4Funner enworsened. Yarris appears to be a development of the Echo/Scion platform, but for some reason it remains as narrow as Echo (whereas Scion is wider). Looks like a very decent small car. The EPA rating is 34/39. That's right, incredible city mileage, but less than Corolla on the highway, and Corolla has much more car in it. I suspect may not be a huge success in Tracy. On the other hand, the price undercuts even Scion, so...


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