Tuesday, May 16, 2006

King of Mattresses

We went to buy a mattress to our local Manchini's SleepWorld, near Michael's. The logic behind it was to get a free delivery from a local outlet. We bought a King size mattress, which the salesman, Mr. Bill McClamy, called "Eastern King" persistently, and even had it written that way in the receipt. We were lucky, Bill told us. 9 out of 10 Kings sold in California were California King, but, miraclously, they had a conventional (ok, Eastern) King in stock somewhere, so we were to get it delivered the next day (on Monday).

The delivery happened on time, but when the workers left, I found that they delivered us a California King after all. I called the store, and the gentleman on the phone (Ron) speculated that Bill used the default in the another computer when he re-entered the purchase, so it came out as California King. My, my. See what happens when disparate computer systems are not well integrated?

We deliberated about settling for California King briefly, but alas, we already had the sheets.

Ron promised to have us all squared up on Thursday.

{Update on Thursday: They did replace the mattress and everything is fine now. Or so it seems.}


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