Thursday, May 25, 2006

Post surgery

I am at home after my knee surgery, sitting in the bed, because hopping around on crutches is not very enjoyable. I foolishly thought that I may have free time for a blogging hurricane, but in reality there's not much happening since I do not go outside.

The surgery was carried out in the Doctor's Hospital at Manteca, because it was easier to schedule than in our own (Sutter Medical Center, or a part of it, at Tracy and Eaton).

When I was sitting in the hospital's lobby, I read a local paper, "Manteca Bulletin". The big story seems to be the removal of abandoned vehicles from an (infamous?) appartment complex. Also, three residents of the complex with closest ties to gangs were displaced elsewhere in Manteca. That town certainly lives up to its reputation of the drug capital of California, it appears.


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