Saturday, June 17, 2006

FN-49's price

I have a buddy Ed who had an FN-49 in 7.92 and he traded it in for an M1 Carbine. When I asked what in the world he was thinking, he replied that the market value of the guns was roughly equivalent.

Today, I am just back from a gun show in San Jose, and the picture is the same as usual. M1 Carbines are on every table, FN-49 cannot be gotten for any money. It might be easier to find a Winchester Model 1895 in 7.62x54R Russian or something.

So, why doesn't market balance the price of FN-49 somewhere around $2000 or $3000? I suspect that buyers are not willing to take it, which is the reason the price is not there. It's not like anyone buys those things out of necessity, right?

If I were flush with money, there were a few toys I'd love to have.
- A sleasy gentleman at golden table was selling AR-15s and off-list receivers. No, I don't want those. Nothing personal, but I never liked inside of a prison. But also he had an FN-FAL with a fixed magazine, which I think looked great. $1300.
- There was a Marlin Camp 45.
- I still do not have an SKS and one guy was selling an old Zastava, built without the grenade launcher. Only $260!
- Ever-present resold Garands, with usual hefty price tags
- There was a Ruger Deerfield. I think it would be neat to get that, a Wichester, a Marlin, and a revolver in .44 Magnum.

But oh well. I passed on all of those. I would pass on an FN-49 too, if by a miracle one were available (ok, I'd think twice about a 30-06 version.) Thus the market got imperceptibly depressed today through my actions.


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