Sunday, July 02, 2006

LiteOn DVD recorder for $119

I knew I forgot something in my last post about Costco, and that something is the LiteOn's DVD recorder for $119. Three or four years now, home DVD recorders were stuck on $300 point while everything else was getting cheaper and cheaper. I am a victim of this stonewalling, too, with my Panasonic DMR-E30. And finally, LiteOn broke through, and how! Well below 50% consumer price! This is a great development. Unfortunately, it still comes from factory locked to region 1, so it won't show any of my Japanese DVDs. But that will be fixed in due time.

Also, DVD-recording camcoders started to appear in America last year. U.S. a very backwards country when it comes to electronics. Often it's justified, as in case of smartcards. Sometimes it's arguable, as with SIMed cellphones and GSM cellphones. But not having DVD-recording cameras when whole world did for years was just stupid. And it's not anything like the in-car electronics where the liability held back the innovation.


Blogger Amadeo said...

I used to delight in learning and tinkering with items similar to this when I was still working as IT sysadmin. Thus, built my own PCs based on what I learned.

But now, I'm way behind in the learning curve.

I even have a DVD writer that sits unopened after its purchase at least over a year ago.

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