Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Owning a Mitsu in Tracy is a hassle, because we're right between Concord and Modesto. Concord is a better and more professional dealership, and Modesto is somewhat closer, so they balace out.

After parts people of Modesto Mitsubishi (now Planet Mitsubishi) were unable to find me the 13-hole tranny gasket, I swore off them. But I guess my resolve wasn't strong enough, so I returned there to have my rear left wheel bearing replaced. The results are somewhat mixed. Although we set an appointment, they simply put my car in the queue as if I were a walk-in, so it sat in the lot for about an hour and a quarter before getting on the lift. So, why did I go through the trouble of setting up the appointment, I have to ask? I must be gullible. However, the job seems to be done well and quickly.

It's a pity that our own Mitsu dealer went belly up. They chose a bad time to open, a year before the Endeavor and Outlander started gaining traction. And you could not sell only Monteros and stay profitable. Naturally, it's going to be a while before someone else tries to set up a Mitsu dealership again in Tracy.


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