Friday, July 21, 2006

Poor garbage citizenship

I was awaken by the sound of the garbage truck trying to digest something for 10 minutes and garbage men dealing with the problem, at around 6 a.m. At 9 a.m. the same story happened to the garden waste truck, so I went out to have a look. Apparently, my neighbours from 1785 Camelia had a renovation and stuffed construction refuse into their regular bin and the garden waste bin, which was too much for Delta's trucks to handle. Such cheapskates! Evidently, they didn't want to pay for the removal of the construction debris. The sight of the garbage man entering the maw of the truck and poking with a broomstick was interesting too, to say the least. But of course, if the man was torn in two by the mechanism, his estate would be paid by Delta's insurance, not by owners of the 1785 unit.


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