Friday, August 25, 2006

205 Widening Watch, 01

I saw the first evidence of 205's widening today.

Putting new roadbed and asphalt in is a piece of cake. The biggest problem is with all the overpasses and bridges we have. As we know, there was some activity at the intersection with Tracy Bouleward. They cracked the side baffles on inside of the overpass (ok, you have to see to understand), but it wasn't clear where they want to go with that.

However, there's one place where you can see real widening: it's a narrow bridge, or almost a tunnel, which pierces the long ramp at the eastern end of eastbound 205. It goes in parallel to the wash, and is used for the service vehicle traffic by flood control and irrigation people.

Apparently, someone decided to pick the low hanging fruit. This bridgelet is certainly the easiest thing to adjust on the whole length. By this logics, the junction with Grant Line is going to be the most "interesting" and done the last. Just look at those long spans!


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