Saturday, September 16, 2006


I vaguely remember that I mentioned this before, but still... I distinctly remember how I was surprised by the weird taste of beef and pork in California when I just moved here. Eventually, I found that the only kind of place which had "normal" meat would be a Chinese supermarket, such as Lido or King.

Today, I dropped by the King at the Mission connector between 880 and 680, at the crossing with Warm Springs Boulevard. I went out with a steak, which we already consumed. Interestingly, it's cheap, and lean. Apparently, most Americans prefer to have extra marbles, for the taste.

When I moved to Tracy, remembering a hint from another meat lover, I tried to scout for Mexican places. We have several. IIRC, there's a couple in the downtown area. But they all seemed kind of shady, so I didn't like them.


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