Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The dream of wood chipper

I keep having issues with shrubs and trees growing out of control around the house. I do not devote sufficient time to clipping them regularly, so when I get around to it, I have to cut thick branches and process a large amount of green material. Cutting branches is especially tedious. I have to cut them into at most 60cm or 2ft segments to fit them into the waste bin. Cutting them shorter lets me to pack them better.

Naturally, I started to look at chippers, but so far it was disappointing. Chippers of necessary power are gas operated and cost about $500. Smaller chippers are very hard to find, and they are rather wimpy rotary units. In Tracy, the only place which sold them was OSH, and they are down to one beaten-up display model, electical, for $210.

I think that most homeowners simply buy saws. A saw produces short length of cut, so there's no packing issue, and no post-factum cutting. And it's far cheaper, too: Home Depot has great electic saws for $35. So, there's no market for chippers among homeowners, while plant service contractors buy more powerful ones, which they haul hitched to their trucks.


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