Thursday, October 19, 2006

Texas Roadhouse

I'm back from Texas Roadhouse in Tracy. Dave Parker had to wait for an hour, so we got in when it just opened at 4 p.m., to avoid lines.

It was pretty good, although I noticed that many establishements relax their standards over time (e.g. Elephant Bar in Freemon Hub used to have great ribs when it opened). One interesting gimmik the TR has is that they give you a bucket of peanuts, so you can save a bundle on not getting an appetizer. I thought it an awesome idea. We did get an appetizer anyway, a very exact clone of Outback's Blooming Onion, which TR calls "Blooming Cactus".

We already have Applebees, but even if without the bucket of peanuts, TR wins because of their wider menu. For one thing, they offer Prime Rib -- a very decent one. There's also a Kebob, which we'll investigate some other day.

The only downside of our TR is how noisy it is.


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