Thursday, November 16, 2006

LCD Monitor

I wanted to get my wife a new monitor for Christmas, so I went to our Staples to look. They had only one on display which satisfied my requirements (black, adjustable position, speakers, good resolution): Viewsonic VA1930wm in 1440x900 19". The only suspicious thing about it was the price: $249. There's no way for monitors this good to be this cheap.

And it turned out that there is a catch after all. Firstly, Staples in Tracy were out of stock. The manager on duty (Carrie) offered to transfer it from Manteca store. So, we filled out the paperwork, and home I went. Two days later, I called upon the store. Another manager (James) found that Manteca sold the one that they had. He swore that they sent the request, and workers at Manteca ignored it. I am making no judgement here, one way or ther other the item wasn't here. So, James asked me to wait some more until they get it elsewhere, I agreed.

Today, they received the monitor from Modesto, and I took the delivery. I brought it home, turned on, and... found 2 bad pixels. Since it's not my monitor, I have no idea if it's going to be acceptable, and so I'm going to have the recipient to look at it. It's not as if it was going to be a real Christmas surprise.

Staples have 14 days return policy, so I have to be careful.


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