Sunday, November 12, 2006

Tracy Today

I went out of the house today. That still happens once in a while :-)

Staples stopped taking old ink cartridges for a $3 credit. They pretend to continue taking new HP cartridges, but not Canon ones, nor recycled HP cartridges. The scheme becomes clearer now. The $3 is not a store loyalty credit, oh no. The Canon cartridges do not contain print heads, but HP cartridges do. So Staples sell HP cartridges to the refilling companies - probably for the same $3 a pop.

While I was parked at Staples, someone tagged me with an ad for Kinder's Meats, located in the same strip mall as the Mongolean BBQ place. They have a website,, with the requisite disgusting Flash frame. It is, however, navigateable. Stucking leaflets under wipers is the oldest trick in the book, and it still works.

I dropped by Tracy Bowl to check if they fixed their DDR machine (they haven't - for 4 months now). The parking was full, and I do mean completely full. Bowlers ran some kind of competition, with teams visiting from Manteca and perhaps other places. I suppose with business doing so well it's not surprising that those people neglect their arcade. Well, mall all the way. I prefer the machine in theaters, because it's not as crowded as the Fun Factory.

I remember how I discovered our new local ag flying outfit up Tracy Bouleward, before the big bridge, and thought that the oldtimers at Trinkle Flying are going to feel the squeeze. The new folks operate a new plane, burning Jet-A, and Trinkle brothers have to do with the old Schweizner. Today I drove by Trinkle Flying's location at 25001 Kesson and they still hang on. Good going, guys! But put up a website already!

There was a lot of traffic at the Dueler connector today. One guy came down from Jimmy's (it's a bar by the river). The prison is a big employer these days.


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