Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Turkey day is rolling smoothly

We decided to roast a turkey this year suddenly (or should I say, "we" decided that I will roast a turkey). I went to Albertson's, got the smallest premium turkey they had. I don't trust my talents in cooking a big one, and nobody wants to eat that much anyhow.

I was amazed just how smoothly traffic rolled, and how much turkey the store had. I expected enormous jams and bare shelves, because it's hard to imagine how such a huge event can be sustained logistically. I can't even say the customary "viva capitalizmo", because the very same capitalism is unable to supply me with decent bread on a daily basis. And whenever I see a tongue, I buy two, freeze one. You never know when you can see it again! But the turkey day is a perfect machine in action.

Tangentially, the Afghan place in Albertson's mall was shut down and restarted as an Indian eatery. I wrote about it when it opened, only in February. That was really quick. The Chinese place in former Garlic Brothers building struggled along for years.


Blogger Amadeo said...

The wife with my only daughter came back home already quite dark from a little grocery shopping at Costco and West Valley mall.

She was surprised also to see how sparse the traffic was in both places.

I suppose Tracy residents shop early for turkey day.

9:01 PM  

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