Saturday, December 02, 2006

Works at Altamont

Caltrans did some massive earth-moving works around the junction of 580 and 205 for a while, and their plan is begining to be evident now. Apparently, they are gunning for making the junction smaller. If I guess correctly, the new overpass will follow the red line on this map:

The obvious benefit to it is that the land on the north side may be sold to a developer. But Caltrans does not sound like an agency driven by cost-benefit analysis, and in any case the value of the sale may not be enough to pay for the overpass.

So, I suspect that they may be preparing for making an exit to the speedway. Currently, there's no direct way. The closest path is to exit at Grant Line, go on the north side, follow until the turn off, cross the freeway again. I'm sure attendance would raise if access became more reasonable.


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