Thursday, February 22, 2007

Delta College Plus and Minus

Well, it's more minus than plus, but Delta College administration has decided to implement a "Plus Minus System" after all. Grades will become more fine grained, with B+ and A- where plain A and B were before. This is sure to hurt students who actually studied, because they have to compete at the very top, and it's nearly impossible to get A under the plus-minus system.

If a student is a some kind of activist who does not care about grades, it's probably not a big deal, and in fact may help by stratifying the failing students further.

Oh well, I never liked that cesspit of a college anyway. The question is, what alternatives residents of Tracy have now. There's not much: MJC, Las Positas, and going upscale, into UOP, etc. I know someone who commutes to SFSU (not a very admirable instituion either, but it's a specific Master's program not easily found elsewhere.).


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