Sunday, February 11, 2007

Grocery Outlet

Apropos Amadeo's comments in the previous posting, someone who I know said that Grocery Outlet is a chain which sells expired groceries. I do not mean "occasionally sells", but rather "sells nothing but". Apparently she went into one elsewhere, so she does not want to visit it in Tracy. Weird. Perhaps I should investigate.


Blogger Amadeo said...

I have been familiar with Grocery Outlet before it got its present name and that would be over 20 years ago. It was then called Canned Foods and had a couple of sites in San Francisco.

Does it sell expired items? The wife says that they do on some canned items and others, especially those labeled for clearance. But I suppose not expired items where it is supposed to count, like milk, medicine, etc. And also expired maybe when they sell candy items labeled for Xmas or Halloween, for example, after Halloween or Xmas time.

But prevalently I notice that they sell what would be considered off-brand items, like maybe items not typically or regularly carried by big-name stores like Safeway. In other words, items produced by smaller and/or less-known companies. Thus, their ability to sell at lower prices.

And I suspect they also become the outlet of big-name stores for those items that do not sell on their shelves and are thus replaced, though not necessarily expired. And thus, the lowered prices. For example, I learned before that Safeway also owned another discount grocery store, Pak and Save, the latter with prices much lower than the former for similar items.

And I believe this is a similar business model followed by 99cents Store, except of course, for its uniform prices. It is also inundated with cheap Made In China items, including carpentry/machine tools. And surprisingly, one can also choose from its modest selections of IT items like patch cords, USB terminals, DVD/CD disks, printer ink refills, etc.

Lastly, I believe that you got the location right. 99Cents is a little further to the left going west along 11th St.

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