Friday, February 02, 2007

LLNL Site 300

The Site 300 manager sent a letter to all Tracy residents, apparently. It explains what they do there, how they ensure environmental safety, and other such good stuff. Nice, but I am afraid that it's a wasted effort.

Why do people talk trash about Site 300? Basically, we have two broad categories: a) those who fret because they are ignorant, and b) haters of all things military. These two sets are by no means exclusive. And Tracy Press is only happy to publish anything "controversial", especially with a local bend.

A variation of group (a) is well known to anyone who knows elevator from rudder. They buy houses near airports, then complain about the noise (and even file lawsuits). In the case of LLNL, the situation is burdened with ignorance and hysteria pumped by the group (b). The depleted uranium serves as a convenient scarecrow here.


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