Thursday, February 01, 2007

Lloyd Levine: please choke and die

As anyone who follows Tracy Today knows, I'm a major proponent of efficient lighting (Google will provide links into archives). I won't say that I am a proponent of CF (Compact Fluorescent) bulbs specifically, because I find plain fluorescent light to be of a better quality quite often. I have an 11W modular light from IKEA above my desk, and it's terrific. The color is pleasing, and it does not start up dim whem the house is cold, as CF bulbs do. I happen to know it because I installed 5 CF lights about three years ago. So yeah, better lights are here, hurray.

Nonetheless, Lloyd Levine, "a Democrat from Van Nuys in Los Angeles", made me livid with anger when he introduced a new bill to outlaw old-style light bulbs. I do not need some asshole from L.A. telling me how I should live.

The same news article mentions that Mr. Levine is a well known troublemaker: he also made a law for supermarkets to accept plastic bags for recycling. He obviously wants to deplete our water resources. What kind of morons live down there to elect him? I am not happy with my SoCal neighbours, indeed I am not.

{Update: There's a good post about CF bulbs at Instapundit [link]. I am not happy linking to that guy, because he's a jet hater, but oh well. Just read about the bulbs :-).}


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