Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Odd Clark Pest Control experience at .Clue

Seen today [link]:

Yesterday night, I found someone’s little kick-me dog in my back yard. It didn’t belong to a neighbor, and couldn’t possibly have made it over the fence, which means that someone opened the gate and let it in.

After I chased the noisy little monster out (and watched it make a beeline toward its home), I found a door tag from Clark Pest Control stuffed into the back door.

So, someone in the neighborhood lets their little dog run loose (which explains the occasional “present” in the middle of my front yard), and Clark has hired a new guy who not only forgets to leave the usual invoice on the front door, but also lets strange animals into the back yard and locks them in when he leaves.

I am also a Clark's customer, and while overall the experience was a positive one, they sure have their share of oddities. For one thing, take the disturbing newsletter imagery (no pic, sorry). Also, they trend not to bother finding old traps and install new ones. I have a place where they put 3 traps into a square 1.5 feet wide. Just how they managed that, I can't guess.

But the important thing is, termites haven't returned yet (or they hide better now).


Blogger DickTracy said...

I hate Pests and Insects...
I went through 2 spray cans of Spider killer this week getting rid of the arachnoid threat that is my garage ceiling...

3:31 PM  

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