Sunday, March 25, 2007

TRASH @West: Garden Waste

Next week is Garden Waste West of Tracy B.


Blogger cherim said...

Sorry! Can't find your e-mail, so I'll leave this message here. Thanks for letting us link to your blogs, which has been a treat for visitors who go to Had a thought. We could write a little more about you and your blog on the "Blogs from the community" page ( Or you could send us something.

Here's what we got from Jeff Sparkman, who used to write a column for the Tracy Press. His is our latest blog to add to the list.

Siftin', by Jeff Sparkman, Mountain House
Sparkman shares observations on pop culture's forgotten and should-be forgotten. Looking for cheap laughs? This is the place. As it says on the blog, Siftin' is "living in the past for a better tomorrow."

So if you send me something like that (the name of your blog and your name and town) along with a 50-word-or-less description of your blog, I'll add it to the page. And you'll probably get more looky-loos. Don't worry. We won't start charging you for this. It's just for fun.
One more thing: This is your chance to ask us to take the link to your blog off our site, if you want.
Editor, Tracy Press

3:13 PM  

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