Monday, April 30, 2007

Bay Area motorists face nightmarish... news media

MSM continues to unravel. Yesterday, a ramp connecting Bay Bridge and I-880 was closed for a month, and every news outlet trumpeted how commuters "face nightmarish commutes" and "turn to public transit". Lost in the coverage is the small point that, unlike the public transit, freeway system is flexible and resilient. It does not take a super genius to take I-880 or Rt.92. There's going to be a certain loss of performance, much like a RAID array loses some of it when degraded. But it's not a "nightmare", at least when compared with the nightmare of BART. You wouldn't know it from watching the news though. Is there any wonder that fewer and fewer people watch TV these days?

BTW, just to be a contrarian, I'm going to try taking I-880, then jump under and onto I-980. They have no normal ramp, but the connecting street looks very nice at Google Earth. Viva the Internet!


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