Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Questing for Katsudon

I am a big fan of our Yoshi's (the one in Tracy -- no relation to the famous Jazz club in Oakland), but recently the quality of their katsudon has become a little spotty... I had to switch to tonkatsu, which is two times more expensive, but in reality is about as much fun and food. The problem appears to be the base pork: it's just cut from wrong part of the pig. See, a good katsu can't be dry like a chop, and yet it should not have too many sinews.

The best tonkatsu in the larger area is provided by Osaka at Filmore at Sun Francisco. Those people obviously do not try to save behind customers' backs. Well, there are also expensive places, like an oddly authentic Kappo NamiNami at Castro in Mountain View, but I don't count those. We are talking about the golden standard of $8 Katsudon, $12 Tonkatsu.

Going to Frisco is not always an option, so I am happy to report that there's a decent place in Dublin, in the cinema plaza, called Matsu Sushi. I started with the katsudon, naturally... Because I'm sure that restaurant owners must hate us, katsudon eaters. We are too cheap! So, if their katsudon is good, the rest is good too. Suspense aside, it was good.

If someone like Matsu opens here, Mrs. Takahashi may face tough times.

P.S. Gotta tell Mrs. Takahashi that the flash intro is an awful way to greet visitors to the website (even if it's skippable). If I visit a website, I'm there to see a) the menu, b) the location, c) phone number. The intro is a waste. The real website itself is fine, simple to navigate and to the point. I like it. Unfortunately, the joker who did it, placed the marker in the location map on the wrong side of street.

P.P.S. Yoshi's apparently was slapped with an prohibition order from government liquor authority. I wonder what's up with that: didn't pay some fee, or they found a bottle outside of fridge, or something else.

P.P.P.S. "Matsu" (松) means "a pine", and obviously the tree in the logo refers to it. I have no idea how the name came about. It may be a part of the name of the owner.

P.P.P.P.S. I forgot about the sushi, because I'm not into it myself. Reportedly, the fish in Matsu's sushi is nowhere near as fresh as what can be found in top of the line places in San Francisco. Although perhaps we're spoiled here... We even went to Kiss once. That shop is simply mind-blowing. Still, Matsu is a normal "restaurant level" sushi, a full grade up from what you can buy in a supermarket. Maybe just a a quarter point lower than what Iroha offers.


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